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Introducing Robotics as part of our curriculum, we aim to give the students a basic concept of Robotics and making them future-ready. Robotics is a fun and effective way to introduce kids to Software and programming languages.

This curriculum allows our young geniuses from Grade I to VIII, to extensively explore the world of technology and robots with:

Puzzle Circuits

Grades I to V

"Snap Circuits has been praised for exposing young children to elementary engineering concepts."

Robotics Kits

Grades VI to VIII

Robotics Kits are 80% practical 20% theoretical that engages students in learning Science & Maths, programming languages and software.

Sports & Games

Sports and Games are an integral part of a student’s life. A student should study hard to be successful in competitive examinations. But, he should also play games and sports to enjoy the health and vigor of life.

Our students participate in a wide range of sports including football, cricket, basketball, badminton, table tennis, volleyball and several indoor games as well.

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Music Drama & Arts

Students at Oceanic Mind School are given the opportunity to learn the skills and attitudes necessary to explore their personal creative interpretation of the world around them. Drama and music are performing art subjects which help cultivate personal development, self-confidence and a variety of life-long learning skills.

Drama has power within the school curriculum. It can promote higher-level thinking through inquiry, critical and constructive thought, problem solving, and skills of comparison, interpretation, judgment, discrimination, learning and research. In music classes, each student is exposed to a wide variety of music.

Computer Lab

At Oceanic Mind School, we have a well-sophisticated computer lab equipped with latest HP All-in-one computers with wi-fi internet connectivity that enables both students and teachers in making projects, preparing assignments and to explore the world of information & innovative technologies; thereby enhancing delivery speed for all activities.

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Language Lab

The language is the most important and powerful tool of communication. Our Language Lab is the latest acquisition of the school, consist of sophisticated computers with an inbuilt two-way speaking system with headphones, which the learner can use to listen and speak into.

The in-built software and programmes help enhance reading & listening skills in order to speak, write and listen better. It allows students to interact with correct phonetics, accents, and dialects. It aims at carrying out the following activities:

  • Improves effective communication
  • Improves pronunciation
  • Enhances ability to comprehend native accents and idioms
  • Excellent student monitoring and evaluation

Our Focused Languages:

  • Sanskrit
  • Hindi
  • English

Yoga & Meditaon

Children derive enormous benefits from Yoga and Meditation. Physically and mentally, it enhances their flexibility, strength, Co-ordination and body awareness. It Also helps to improve their concentration, sense of calmness, focus, and relaxation.

Sankalp Yoga is specially compiled for school children to developmental, physical and emotional well being of children.

"We teach Your Kids How to do Yoga & Meditation for Stress-free Studies"


  • Better Health
  • Mental clarity
  • Stress-free living
  • Enhanced Perception
  • Improved relationships
  • Inner Well-being
  • Personal Development
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Educational Tour

“Field trips are a great way to bring excitement and adventure to learning.”

Amber D.walker

An educational tour is an off-campus learning activity that brings excitement and adventure to learning. A well–planned educational tour is an ideal way to introduce new skills and concepts to the children. At Oceanic Mind School we organize educational tour every academic year.

Parenting Pathashala

There are no weak or untalented children. They are just children and each thinks differently. To unleash the true talent within child & to bring out the best in her or him, parents need to be educated by themselves to educate their child.

Parenting Pathashala is a platform where we help parents to learn the golden principles and behaviours, that will guide them to raise happy and confident children. We’ll teach parents how to help their children to handle themselves well, enjoy life, respect others, be decent, thoughtful, and to stand-up for what they believe in.

At Parenting Pathashala you’ll get more out of being a parent, and they’ll become all they can be. The rules of parenting pathshala puts everything in perspective, you in control and your children on the path to becoming successful, independent adults.

"Your child is a mirror of your actions and your overall personality, Whatever you think, perceive & speak, will get from your child."

Digvijay Narayan Singh
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